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How to operationalize governance at scale and build trust in data in the age of AI with Data Observability

Session outline

Many organizations are in the process of digitization of their business; the flexibility in implementing new applications is often found through public cloud providers. With the spread of applications across multiple clouds, including on-premises, there is an increase of data sprawl and complexity to use data for decision support through AI, dashboards, and reports.

The data fabric is an architecture pattern aimed at democratizing data access, where everyone in the organization can access consumable data for useful insights, at scale.

Trust in data is also an imperative to generate trust in AI-based decisions. Democratizing data access and insights can help business users and other stakeholders to better understand the working of the inference-based applications.

Key takeaways:


Information Architecture & Integration technical lead – Europe
IBM Software – Data & AI

Frank Ketelaars leads and actively works in a Europe, Middle-East and Africa team focused on IBM and open source analytics solutions for customers and business partners. Specifically, the past number of years his work has been dedicated to Hadoop, Spark, real-time analytical processing, data engineering and data science tooling. Also, he is actively engaged in modernizing analytics in public and private clouds using containerization with Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

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