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About tpo33 events

In times where content is available in abundance across multiple online and onsite platforms, where technology hypes are becoming our maturity compass, when we are becoming more and more physically distant from each other and our time becomes extremely limited, there is a need for more immersive knowledge-sharing experience. An experience that goes beyond traditional event learning concepts and one that provides pure solution-driven peer-to-peer networking and benchmarking on need-to-solve topics and trends.

The tpo33 events are tailor made for decision makers and practitioners who want to invest their time smartly by exposing themselves and their business challenges to a close community of pre-selected like-minded peers in a collaborative problem-solving environment.

21ST APRIL 2021

Nordic Chief
Data Officer

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8TH JUNE 2021

Nordic Chief
Analytics Officer

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15TH MARCH 2022

Data Fabric
in practice

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The Power of

These three and a half hours events are limited to only 33 participants to preserve the opportunity for in-depth discussions, problem solving activities and networking. The program is divided in three sessions of 60 minutes, each part consisting of one brief presentation to frame a discussion and a group roundtable discussion. The delegates are divided in three groups each group consisting of one speaker/facilitator and 10 participants. Delegates are free to change groups as long as the group number is preserved to 11 or to an equal amount of participants.

The Power of Knowledge

As adults we only ingest knowledge that is of immediate application in our everyday work or life. So why waste time on something that does not bring any resolution on the table. On these tpo33 events we focus the learning around you and peers with similar journeys, challenges, experience and knowledge.

Together with our delegate and speaker community we tailor the program carefully to match your current learning needs and the seniority of people you would like to talk to.

The Power of Benchmarking

Another especially important part of impactful benchmarking and learning is having the right group of people to exchange experience with. Since peer-to-peer meetings and engaging roundtable discussions are the centerpiece of this type of events, we want you to have a serious business conversation with someone who is on the same level as you. We select participants in that way, so you are exposed to the right environment that encourages open and solution-oriented discussions.

The Power of Audience

What is a better place to address a business challenge that you have been bothered by for some time, or an outcome that you would like to share, if not in front of senior like-minded practitioners that appreciate and understand you and your journey? The speaker and facilitator list on these tpo33 events consist of industry peers representing a variety of industries and sectors. If you have a topic you would like to present or just want to get your voice heard during the interactive roundtable discussions, this is the right event for you.

The Power of Focus

Another way to match content and audience is by focusing on a specific topic instead of a general theme. Therefore, all tpo33 events focus on a specific challenge, business output, function, strategy, job role or technology.

The Power of Presence

Instead of monotone and long day programs, the short three-hour program is designed to incentivise active presence as well as guarantee time efficiency, interaction, and continuous engagement. By the end of the event you will leave with at least 10 contacts richer and a challenge less to solve.

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