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Achieving the right balance of being ‘Data driven’ in the context of operational transformation for modern Telco-ICT players

Session outline

Looking at aspects of Data fabric driving business and operational excellence through Data quality by mapping critical data elements within core processes being managed within large scale operations. These DQ rules help to accelerate root cause analysis and thus aid in decision making to improve business and operational efficiency

Key takeaways:

Shekhar Dutta

Director and Head of Data Strategy & AI Ideation
Ericsson AB

Niladri Shekhar Dutta is a seasoned Telecom-ICT industry professional with close to 18+ years of experience in ICT (Information-Communication-Technology) strategy, C-Level advisory, Portfolio & product management, Digital and Operational transformation across markets of Europe, Middle East, Africa, A-Pac, India, and New Zealand. He has successfully sold and delivered multiple transformation led ICT/TMT projects till date, which has helped him garner real life experiences, and showcase organizations’ capabilities to his end customers.

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