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tpo33 Citizen Data Scientist



Citizen Data Scientist tpo33 is tailor-made for every data management practitioner or organisation interested in learning how to enable dynamic and intelligent data orchestration across a distributed landscape, creating a network of instantly available information to power the business with Data Fabric Architecture. The event is created for Data Management, Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics strategists, and decision-makers.

The tickets are not applicable for Vendors, Consultants and Technology providers. For more info please contact our Sales Director : kenan.bouzo@hyperight.com

By attending you will learn how to:

  • create a Modern Data Strategy for trustworthy AI
  • operationalise data and AI governance at scale
  • automate data orchestration and provide stakeholders access to right data, automated modeling tools and governance to ensure transparency and trust
  • creating a shared data infrastructure platform can create a foundation of information assets that supports innovation and agility
  • how to architect a service-centric fabric to gain flexibility and agility
  • increase trust in data, processes and models by providing fast reliable and trustworthy data
  • how to build Data Products and an Ecosystem around it

Single Ticket



price per participant

The ticket includes:
Entrance to one tpo33 event.
Access to the event proceedings and materials.
Free entrance to the annual Data 2030 Summit or NDSML Summit
Complimentary food and refreshments.
Ability to purchase entrance to additional tpo33 within the calendar year for 1000 SEK (excl. VAT)

Price is without VAT


1. According to the Swedish Tax Regulation (dnr 131 209264316/111), international customers are not obliged to pay VAT for attending conferences in Sweden. However, delegates based in an EU country is requested to provide their organization VAT number according to the Swedish tax agency. VAT still applies for Swedish customers.

All payments processed by CC will receive a CC receipt to reimburse the amount from their accounting department.

2. Due to limitation of the seats available for this type of event and the interactive format of it, please be advised that when registering to this event, your attendance will be accounted for and expected, and therefore mandatory. Please read the Terms and Conditions before registering. 

3. The event is not applicable for any solution or service providers of data management, analytics or AI technologies or services or similar.

Looking forward seeing you at the event.