‎‎ ‎ Dr. Juha Vesanto – Tribe lead, Data Platform and AI | OP Financial Group

Blueprint for building a Citizen Data Scientist program and community at OP Financial Group

Session outline

In this session, you will hear how OP Financial Group executed its citizen data science initiative, what were the main ingredients / enablers, and how the work continues. While every organization is different, this will give you

an example of a successful citizen data science journey.

Key takeaways:

Dr. Juha

Tribe lead, Data Platform and AI
OP Financial Group

Dr Juha Vesanto started his career as a data science researcher in Aalto University in Helsinki. He soon moved on to the commercial side and has been doing customer analytics in various business sectors for 20 years. His professional goal has always been to find ways in which analytics can be used to find or enhance solutions for business problems. These solutions should then be implemented as part of the IT / business process so that analytics eventually becomes ubiquitous.

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